Antoniou Kastanitsa Chestnuts Facilites

The company's facilities are spread over 400 acres of land in the wider area of Kastanitsa as well as in an area of 1000 square meters within the settlement, consisting of a building complex including a packing room, refrigerators, warehouses and a reception area for products.

The long-term goal of the company is the doubling of agricultural production, which has begun and is being implemented in the last three years by the purchase and modernization of new and old estates in the wider area of the settlement.

Moving firmly and firmly in the course of the year, our company launches the new owner-occupied facilities in line with the international market standards so that it can offer certified and fully-tested products to the consumer.



Chestnut is a precious fruit for our body, because apart from the deliciousness it has much to offer.

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Antoniou Chestnuts

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