Antoniou Kastanitsa Chestnuts

Our origins from Kastanitsa and our love for the land kept us close to our place, where we started the cultivation of chestnuts that thrive in the region and are of excellent quality.

Initially we cultivated our own farms, but due to the superior quality of chestnut, we gained an expanded clientele and we were more active in the cultivation and marketing of chestnut trees. We have managed to produce a considerable amount of chestnuts, which we are constantly strengthening with purchases of new farms.

By constantly investing in the chestnut sector, we have been able to acquire important equipment for both farm farming and harvesting, sorting, storage in refrigeration chambers and packaging.

Our aim is to offer a competitive Greek product, of superior quality, at an attractive price, which is addressed to both the domestic market and the international market.

Depending on our goal, we have developed wholesale trade with large Greek companies as well as with factories in Italy.



Chestnut is a precious fruit for our body, because apart from the deliciousness it has much to offer.

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Antoniou Chestnuts

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