Chestnut King of Dried Fruits


Chestnut is the fruit of chestnut. It is in a woody casing that has tangles outside and opens when the fruits mature. Depending on the species, there are usually 2-3 nuts in the casing, or only one. The size of the chest depends on the variety, humidity, and soil composition. Chestnuts are a particularly nutritious food, which when consumed in moderate amounts only health benefits can offer. They have enough calories (370 to 100 grams), contain 48% water, many minerals, and are a good source of protein (containing essential amino acids that do not make up the body itself) and carbohydrates (45% mainly starch). Chestnuts contain enough protein, whose biological value is similar to egg protein and is easily digested by the body. Unlike other fruits, chestnuts contain less fat while at the same time rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients.


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